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April 14, 2010


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I'm guessing that Mr Craigslist had a fun time with your 'demos'. Come to think of it, what an easy way to get women sending you hot recorded chat for free? LMAO


::effing deader than the deadest have ever been dead::

that's it. I'm sexting my husband..

Rebekah @ mom-in-a-million

Laughing. Snarfing. Snarfing coffee all over my damn self as I laugh my ass off! Oh god. This is too much!


Your "you killed Mr Chin" story is my absolute favourite. Any time he rates a mention I get a smile :)

Although I'm sure his memory makes you smile too, just in a different way :)


You're my new hero!


Hilarious! I feel so awkward about the phone stuff. Could you give me a few pointers? Lol.

Meredith Blumoff

baahahahahah! cannot get enough of you, kit, for realz. my boyf and i were long-distance for quite some time before we finally lived in the same city, and i bought into the bluetooth concept just to be able to, uh, talk while commuting my long commute each day. yeah, there's not safe driving while 'talking.'


i was a phone psychic for a little bit
messed up stuff yo
::side eye::
::dials phone::

Apparently P

This might be the best post ever! I just found your blog and am loving it. Would it be too much to ask for Married Sex Month instead of Week?

Sarah Baron

This is an absolutely HILARIOUS story. Sounds like it could have been your true "calling."

Wendy Wiseman

Thanks for yet another laugh out loud moment.

You are bringing back such fond memories!



Oh, what a great story. Props to you!

I also tried doing the phone sex operator thing in college. I was a disaster. During my first--and last--call, I couldn't keep from giggling when the poor guy started panting into the phone. Epic fail on my part, I totally killed the mood and my phone sex career. Yeah, I was really immature back then. :)

Jenny, Bloggess

Ha! Love it.

hollas fo dollas

niteflirt.com, boo.

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