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April 21, 2010


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Hahaha. Halloween Nutjobs. I always noticed how Halloween was a great excuse for not wearing any clothes...but, yeah, it's too cold usually here for half naked costumes.

I did wear a sexy Dorthy costume, but I failed because even though I was 22 at the time, I had boobs of an 11 year old girl.

Deanna Hernandez-Arza

Halloween and Nutjobs kinda go together...Well, I did wear naughty schoolgirl but it is pretty cold in October in NJ. Plus, in College no girl walk with a coat because they don't want to lose it...

Yakalita (in disguise)

A couple of years ago my college friends had the great idea of dressing up as Rockstars (more like Barbie and the rockers) but it was a big FAIL bc we were just wearing old fashioned clothes and some friends recognized it. The problem was that the gorgeous guy I spent all night talking and sharing drinks was dressed up as a Army Chippendale. Nice right??? He was so cute! Tall and lots of muscles lol... Add smart please.
The only problem? He was a real Chippendale (male dancer) who left work to go to the dance club. I found out about it 3 dates later. Yuck


So not Halloween, and not nearly as entertaining, but I have started a date with one guy and ended it with another. The first guy was kind of pissed, but still wanted to see me. he was kind of nutjobby.


This is basically how my husband and I started dating only he isn't (::fingers crossed::) a NUTJOB. I showed up to a party single. A guy I like showed up; made out with said guy.

DH was jealous (we weren't dating and I had no clue he liked me, like that), called me over and proceeded to kiss me. I found myself at a friends house with him at the end of the night. hmph

I didn't even wonder where the 1st guy went until I got a voicemail from him at 4am whilst I was mostly naked getting it on with DH.


ahhhhhhhahahaha thats hilarious. I bet that RIDICULOUS guy was actually great. too bad. I love that you blew him off for the better looking one. I totally would have done that too. oh well.


Mine involves a winter ball. The guy I went with was a bit of a drip, so I spent most of the evening with someone else. By the end of the night, I felt totally guilty. Date did not totally hate me until prom when I called every one I knew so I did not have to go him. We began friends later in life, but he refused to talk to me for years after than.


Halloween is always good times.

In college, I wore my 6th grade cheerleading costume to the bars. I don't think I paid for a drink for the next 6 months.

When my husband and I were dating I may have gotten a little bold in line for the haunted house. The chainsaw guy screamed "FORNICATORS" at us and chased us out.


We don't really do Halloween in Australia, sadly. Which means we missed the joy of dressing up sexily once a year under the dress-like-a-whore-and-get-away-with-it amnesty of Halloween.

But I've never started the night with one guy and ended it with another. I feel kind of sorry for your HOT scarecrow who got ditched for the GORGEOUS nutjob. When a guy dresses up for you, against his wishes, you have to give him some credit...


Tell the truth you were really dressed as a "Bush"

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