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April 28, 2010


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Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

You're my hero.


Now that was a great story! I am so embarrassed to admit this, but I have a very vague memory of running around naked after hooking up with a guy in my dorm freshman year. Apparently I was ready to go back to my room... without my clothes?! But my door was locked b/c I didn't have my keys on me - surprise! I had to sneak back up to his room and pray to God no one saw me!! I still die of embarrassement every time I think about that one.

Deanna Hernandez-Arza

I agree...you are my hero!!

Kristin Glasbergen

Good times!! Everyone has been there, few people are brave enough to admit to it.


I never really had single sex, and I feel like I totally missed out.


omg you are great!


I worked in a golf country club once. Trust me when I say that those places are not as conservative as you might think. ;)


Speaking as someone still having hot single sex, that's hilarious. I can't imagine running off naked in a hotel. Kit, ya got balls. And good alcohol. :)

Sally Megan

I used to work the night shift in hotel reception in the tropics. I saw more naked people in that job than I have had sex with. I'm not sure what it is that makes people sneak out to the pool to have sex naked (actually, no, I get that part) and leave the towels and clothes in their room. Along with their keys.
Or in the elevator. Apparently more people fantasize about having sex in an elevator than you would think. For future reference, hotel elevators are set to automatically return to the floor reception is on. The doors will automatically open. Generally you can see into the elevator from the reception desk. Hotel guests are more athletic than I had previously thought. Especially Dutch and German tourists. I don't know why the Dutch and German tourists especially.


This story is effing HILARIOUS! Also, did not realize you're a fellow golfer. Have you been hiding this from me? I feel like a chump now! ;)

Brilliant Sulk

That's a fun story.

Sometimes I get my husband VERY drunk, make him strip and carry him next door to the fancy hotel to have sex on the roof.

We usually pass out and are awakened the next morning by the pooping pigeons. Or the other drunk naked people lying next to us.


This is ringing some bells for me, but I'm not quite sure. Now I'm not sure I want to remember.

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