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April 07, 2010


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Natalie @ Hope Springs Eternal

omfg. When will people learn to keep their germy ass kid at home! WTF is wrong with people?!

The Mommyologist

UGH!!! That would make me so mad. It always drives me nuts when mothers send their kids places and they are sick. He was probably under the weather already but she didn't want him to miss the party. One mom at my preschool sent her son in this year when the whole family had the stomach bug. I could've killed her. My son puked in the car the very next day.

Keeping my fingers crossed that your little ones don't get Strep!

LOVE your blog!


the stupid, it overfloweth


I hope you all manage to dodge the bacterial bullet - especially the shorties. I learned the first time our oldest had a high fever that the medical establishment is much more laissez faire about temperature than when I was a kid. Still, though, whenever one of the little ones hits 103, I freak the eff out. You, at least, have a win/win situation on your hands: either you remain well or you get another round of fever dreams and weight loss (with swimsuit season right around the corner.)


lmfao! Last Saturday we went to a bday party.... the little boy who played with my son started coughing before we left.
I discretely asked his mother if he was sick and she answered "yeah, he was very sick with an ear infection Monday and Tuesday, on wednesday he got pink eye, and thursday I finally had the chance to take him to the doctor... poor thing he is so sick"

WTF? why would you take your kid to a bday party if he is sick????

Her answer was "because we were very bored at home and I thought a little fresh air would be good" FML


Lovely!! what an awesome mom!!i think id be taking out a hit on that mom if one of my 4 got strep knowing damn well the rest of us would more than likely get it!!


amazing isn't it? every winter you always get one of those extremely irresponsible parent that does that.



The worst thing is that people send their sick kids to kindergarten and school too. Yes, I know people have to work... but you're effectively sending a little germ bomb to the school to wipe out the local population. Not fair.


Ugh .. so annoying! I hope that no one gets sick. I'm sure it would of been just to big of an inconvenience for everyone to keep the sick child at home.

Sarah P

How the hell do you have time for Twitter with four kids? Do you sleep?

Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

OMG! I would be flipping out! I cannot believe... oh, wait... Yes, I can. People are so freaking inconsiderate.

I hope everyone stays healthy.


One of the positives of having my son in a special ed preschool is that they are very conscious at school of keeping sick kids home. Some of the little ones are actually medically fragile and the families really seem to do a good job of keeping germs at home. Maybe you have to have seen your kid intubated before this kind of crap actually strikes brain?

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