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April 06, 2010


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I can blieve I'm reading ur post at 7:49am while making my son's school lunch. Thanks for making my day!


Nothing like a good fever dream. You should do what I've done ever since my HOA made me tear down my sweat lodge -- culture your own streptococcus pyogenes. A little sore throat is a small price to pay to find out what it would be like to have your teeth fall out while playing Yahtzee with Marilyn Monroe, Hitler and Justin Bieber.


Oh to live back in the day when they sold tapeworms as a weight loss method. Instead, we have to eat expired food to try and get lovely food poisoning to get the quick weight loss effects.


Now you've got me willing illness on myself to help shift the birthday cake and Easter egg pounds I've piled on in the last week.


I've been praying for illness all winter because I'm so busy and I need the mandatory on my butt break. Send it my way, I'm all about sharing.

Duane Scott

Haha! Great entertainment!


I would KILL to have a tapeworm for the same reason.


coming off of debilitating sicknesses has always brought me this sort of subdued joy that nothing else has ever granted me. and your weight loss in return for sitting through a bacterial infection just makes me believe that food poisoning is the way to go for maximum weight loss!


as i quote the skinny one from the movie Devil wears Prada, "I am only one stomache flu away from my target weight."

can you pass along to your guest that i would love to host him/her over in my body for just once?

Ross Hamilton

Nothing like feverish hallucinations while you have your head over the porcelain bowl as you say hello to your mate Huey (Huuueeaaaaaaaah) to shed a few unwanted pounds. It is somewhat like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer - it feels so good when you stop!

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