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April 30, 2010


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Are you in Boston Miss Kit??? Headed there in June...with our kid. And some friends. Anything else we have to worry about besides psycho drivers?

Looking forward to next week....you're like my morning coffee. Only without the bad after taste that makes me have to brush my teeth.


i'd like to go on the record as being pro-sex


What about a week on embarassing moments or getting caught.
This reminds me of the time i was having sex in my boyfriends fathers steam room. Quite amazing, but we were so into it that we didnt notice it flooding his basement. His dad came home and totally busted us! I had to sit in the little room shivering naked while they mopped up the mess.

Sarah P

These stories all make me thankful for marriage. I think I'll do my hubby tonight just to thank him.


I always meant to tell you about this one "incident" I had with a Dutch guy. And yes I can confirm that they are very athletic, although I didn't have my encounter in an elevator. But it was at a conference, we spent the whole day making sexual innuendos so by the time it ended (we're talking about 8 hours of sexual innuendos at a very serious conference) we quickly left and it was simply a "your place or mine?".... We ended up at mine and I must say it was the most mind blowing sex I've ever had! I recommend making sexual remarks for a loooong time as a prolonged foreplay. Just sayin! One of the best single sex I've had (and well I'm still single so I have plenty of stories).


I'm new to your blog, and I love it!

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