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April 23, 2010


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Hey remember when you were like, sometimes after sex Hubby goes Blog that!

Well Love Interest E did that to me last night after a little trip to the sex shop and the fun that followed. And I thought of you. And then felt weird that I thought of you during post-coital snuggle time.

But anyway, thanks for leaving an impression!


regarding the last thing you said in this post...

Last weekend was prom at our local H.S. Our 17 year old neighbor came over to show me her get-up before leaving. I told her not to do anything I wouldn't do...then "Wait, no, don't do anything I WOULD do".


My mother was always the cool mom and let my boyfriend hang out in my bedroom and even let him stay on the couch a couple of nights. She wasn't stupid I was 17 and told her I was having sex and she immediately had me put on the pill. It was Valentines weekend and I had Mono which sucks. Ryan came over made me this great dinner and then laid down in bed with me "watching tv". One thing led to another and we were having very quite spooning sex. My mother walked in to see how I was feeling and when she saw the look on our faces said, "That is not a cure all and you better be using a condom," then walked out. I was mortified. Ryan left for the night and my mother gave me hell for the next 2 hours about not having sex in her house especially not when she is home. I was so mad at him for convincing me and mad at myself for being convinced.


That was meeeee. LOL. I still say it's fun and I just did it this afternoon to get him out of bed. ;) Don't be too mad at your husband though, mine would say it doesn't count if you don't swallow (or take it in the face if that's this style...). Ha!

Love that I got a mention on your blog, and I still encourage you to keep at it. Trust this, the more I do it for no reason, especially if we use something on him to make it last even longer - when I get it, I really *get* it. :P

Todd 'tojosan' Jordan

I'm going to give up writing about blogging, tech, and etc and write about sex.
You've got the best commenters.
So glad you asked me over for a read and I'll keep recommending people visit.
Todd (not a sex blogger yet)


I think I'm with Maytina, sorta. Blow jobs are definitely a regular part of our repertoire & it's great when what I want is what only I can give myself. He's happy, he goes on his way, then Mama gets some quiet time. It's the only time he's truly happy to be on solo kid duty.

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