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April 16, 2010


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Amy Phillips

Now, you know I love your blog, right? I SAID RIGHT? But as newly single person (who's married sex life was Oh, so forgettable) I opted out of this week's theme. Doesn't mean the love for you has gone away, it hasn't. So there. And I'm not the least bit jealous...

at all...

not even a tiny bit...

{nervous laugh}



Thanks for another extremely entertaining week (and also for the Jedi/Sith shout out.) I hope you don't stress over the ill-gotten tapes. Although pamperin' cash is always nice, it sounds like they've already provided reward enough.

Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

Is Married Sex Week going to be like an annual thing? Because it should be. This has been beyond fabulous.

Walk of Shame

As a bridge between married sex week and confessions week, I have a confession about married sex.

My husband and I don't have it.

So I have phone sex with my college boyfriend. Regularly.

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