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April 29, 2010


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Ahhh the things we do before we realise we're actually not immortal.


LAYDEE! you have the most interesting stories!

Deanna Hernandez-Arza

wow...scary...I would have taken my sister aside or something..you are a brave women


Holy crap that is sheer scary! Not so much a winner, that one....


Way to stay cool and not panic. What a doosh he was.


Now I understand why you have trouble falling asleep after watching "Criminal Minds"! That story was *almost* as thrilling as one of your sexcapades. BTW, remember that sociopath I ranted about during Vibrator Week who had the disturbing license plate frame? I think this might have been that guy!


Dang. Creepy psycho dude. In my single days I nearly hooked up with a guy of questionable mental stability, only the girlfriends I was with knew what he was like and wouldn't let me leave with him. *whew*

just another mother

Why don't psychos come with a warning label? I kept waiting for him to say, "Well let's just see, shall we?"

I once went out with a guy (NOT cute, blind date, favor for a friend) who spent an entire dinner expounding on the genius of Lovecraft and Bosch. After dinner, he invited me up to his room (he lived with his parents, at the age of 30) to view his extensive collection of anime porn.

Telling this made me realize how happy I am to be married. My husband might actually get lucky tonight.


Holy crap, that's like the opening sequence on "Cold Case" if only there was a shitty mid-90's Pearl Jam song playing too loudly in the background.

Once in college my roommate and I let some (semi-young but not definitely not cute enough) construction workers talk us into having a "party" with them on the roof of an unfinished hotel. After about 2 minutes we both realized all it would take is a quick knock on the head to kill us both and encase us in the drying concrete pool and we would NEVER BE FOUND. We practically threw ourselves down the stairs.


Wow, that was some serious quick thinking on your part. What a creep! Glad you're good at thinking on your feet (and fudging the truth a bit) the world would be a sadder place without your stories in it. Thanks for not getting murdered.


Definitely a fan of not getting murdered.

Maybe he was attempting to be charming, ala So I Married an Axe Murderer. "How many people have you brutally murdered?" "Brutal is a very subjective word..." It's a thin line between charming and restraining order, truly.

Btw, finding your blog has been awesome! You added me to your Twitter, then I added you. However, it is abundantly clear that I am on the better end of this bargain after spending far too long last night reading a crapton your of posts out loud to my husband last night. While waiting for our kids to fall asleep. ;)


Okay, yeah, so I know this isn't really the point but...

I moved to Boston 5 months ago, and I've been hit by a car twice, TWICE! Yes, they were going slow enough that they didn't really hurt me, but TWICE!

The people here are very sweet, but they can't drive, and it scares me.


I think I went out with that guy once. Fortunately he was not the same guy as the one who took me to the Cape. To meet his grandma. On our third date. In college.

I need to go tell my husband how much I love being married.

Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

Have you ever seen him pop up on the news? You know, just watching the weather and there he is "Coming up next..."?

Cause THAT would be freaky.


a)You should drive next time?

b)I didn't get a whole lot out of the second part except that hot guys=psychopaths. Which is making wonder about my husband. I'm going to go tell him that he is the ugliest man I have ever seen then maybe he won't kill me.

c)I believe (but could be wrong, it happened once) that you wanted to telepath your thoughts, not telegraph them.


Gross. Infuriating that he was so drunk with power that he could say that to you with such nonchalance. Dammit.

Glad you survived and weren't assaulted, either. Quick wits, for sure, that's a good quality!


What a doofus. You should call that BAU on his ass. Even if that's a fake thing and it's been xx number of years, I'm sure they'd still appreciate the tip.


First, this was very hard for me to get past Shemar Moore because once he was mention that's ALL I could think of. (not because this post wasn't completely amazing like always but because he is HOT!)

Second, OMG creepy!!!


Am so glad I found this blog! And now know I am not alone in my college day trysts! Love your humor and how candid you are, maybe someday I'll be up to sharing some of my uhh, moments :)


I'm not going to lie to you, I drive a LOT like your friend does.

Also? I kind of wish you had done the Shemar reference AFTER the creepy Ted Bundy dude, because after that, I had a picture of Shemar in my head (never a bad thing) and so I totally pictured your almost killer in my head AS Shemar.

Oh man, I could totally lick Shemar in a completely non platonic fashion.


Wanted to chime in that I'm glad you weren't murdered (duh). Also I've never seen Criminal Minds so had to google Mr. Nummy, thanks so much for that! He's almost as pretty as the guy on the horse.


Damn...that sounds like all my dates in high school.

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