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April 15, 2010


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Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby

OMG That's awesome!



I had a similar neighbourly experience. Except it was Skypesex and the middle of the day. Air-conditioning really should take precedence over an open window in a time like this. Global warming is an issue - yes. But my blushing cheeks when seeing the neighbours the following day surely emitted far more heat than an ac system would!


Heeheehee.... Your neighbour is probably just jealous. The only time I've been embarrassed by my own vocal exuberance was when I was dating a man who lived in an apartment and his landlord asked him to please ask his girlfriend to be "less religious". On the blogging front- my husband has never asked right after sex, but he has asked me if I blog about his prowess.... I haven't... yet...


LMAO!!! And YES, the hubs likes to think that I will write a post about what a sex God he is. He is still waiting on that one... ;)

Alysha @ The Tarr Pit

She was just jealous her husband cant do that to her. And for some reason i dont picture you being embarrassed, i picture you wanting to go home and have sex with your husband at that SAME TIME everynight just so you can embarrass your neighbors. :) haha!


I'm not a blogger, but my husband has said to me "You gonna post THAT on Facebook?" And I have been tempted.

Also, we have a little game where we pretend that the neighbors have come over with their lawn chairs outside our open bedroom window. :)

Just Another Mother

Yes, I have done that. Only my neighbor said, "I guess we know why you're always so chipper in the mornings, don't we?" and winked. He's like, 80 years old.


I stood out in my front yard this evening and listened as my two girls (who were in the house and behind closed doors and windows) fought about a game of backgammon. I could hear every word. We're fairly new to the neighborhood, and I'm thinking we need some sort of muffling device. For the girls as well as for me.


I've never thought to blog after my husband and I "made love"....wait! EW! Let's do a post on how if you want your marriage sex to stay hot hot hot you don't ever say MAKING LOVE (unless you want to be all romantic and make a baby or something)....anyway so no never thought to blog an encounter, but after our afternoon romp today (he's been gone 3 1/2 weeks!) I took a picture of him with some military style dog tags and no shirt because he looked so delish and said I was going to put it on my blog. Maybe that'll be my Silent Sunday this week.

But we have sex with the windows open all the time and I'm THAT girl as well and I love it! Kind of dangerous.



First, hubby always makes sure the window is shut - I don't care if everybody hears, I mean, damn...they probably wish they were getting it so good. But, it's his thing. Whatever.

BUT - this totally reminded me of our first apartment. We moved in just a couple weeks before we got married; prior to that, we were living with the inlaws where we were very aware of our volume (obviously, this is before I figured out that the MIL used to be a freak). A few weeks later, we had a note from the apartment managers that our "love bed squeaks", and that our downstairs neighbor didn't appreciate our "amorous activities all night." (We totally still have that letter). We, of course saw the apartment manager and she found it very amusing and explained the our downstairs neighbor was an elderly gentleman, and at his request, they were relocating him to another unit - even though we tried to make life easier on him. We even took the bed off the frame (it broke one night, anyway). So yea. Good times.


Hahahahahaha! I love the underwear story and the neighbors one! Luckily my neighbor chooses to not wear underwear while gardening in a skirt, so the embarrassment is all on her :)

Oh and she's like, 60. Barf.


This was great! The underwear story about your Grandma was too funny!


It happens to the best of us. I lost my virginity in front of an open window, at night, with the shades up and the lights on, so I feel ya.


When I was a kid, I used to feel really sorry for my mom who I thought had seriously weird nightmares, during which she made a lot of noise but didn't sound particularly upset. But loud. Egad, so freaking LOUD!

Somewhere around 10 or 11, I figured it out and was mortified. Now? So jealous that she didn't worry about who heard her. Can I seriously be saying that I wish I was as sexually uninhibited as my MOM? Yes, I think I am.

Excuse me. Have to go do something. Shower, maybe.

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