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April 05, 2010


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If only the living Carmen Electra knew how she was helping to keep you satisfied! You go girl!


I think it's the word 'sex'. Once that's uttered everything else just sounds like white noise.

Sarah P

OK. With you on this one.

Last night, the husband was rubbing my back and I said, "That feels nice. Thanks."

I fell asleep.

45 MINUTES LATER, I had to tell him to stop rubbing my buttocks. 45 MINUTES. It frigging tickled. I told him several times.

I think he was trying to wake me up. He did. He's lucky I didn't clock him.


I would really like to know how all you people can even manage to have sex while kids are in the house. Even in the same neighborhood, for that matter. Specifically, 11 and 13 year olds who have the utter audacity to comment "the monkeys must have been visiting last night" while being driven to school. And we weren't even loud by any stretch of the imagination! Try not to steer into a ditch when you hear that one coming out of your little "sweetheart". I think I am still scarred.


so, what you're saying here is even when you don't have some wonderfully titillating-slash-hysterical thing to say, i still can't get enough of your blog.

fine. be that way.

also: thanks.


I was supposed to tell you that I snarfed milk, but I got distracted and started searching for vibrators. I keep hearing great things about one called The Cowboy, but I haven't tracked him down yet.

Ross Hamilton

and when it was all over, did hubby ask just when Carmen was going to be making her appearance?

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