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March 17, 2010


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I loved this story. I could not figure out which one you were going to end up with, since this is my first time reading your blog.


you know that you HAVE to post pictures right???


I never read this. How did I miss this? And damn you for your secret identity without pictures.


awwww I never read this either...

and I'm so glad I did. Nine years... am glad you got the goofy laugh guy.

Wendy S. Marcus

Just saw this link on Twitter. I really enjoyed this post (albeit almost 2 years later)! Very entertaining!

Apparently I met my husband at a party at my condo where I lived with three friends. He was my roommate's boss. He came to the party with his girlfriend. When he arrived I was throwing up in the bathroom. (But I'd come back out to finish the drinking game I'd been playing!) To this day I have no recollection of our first meeting.


I met my husband at the McDonald's drivethru. He looked HAWT in that visor. He was 17 and I was 16, by the way. LOL


I knew it would be the tall guy with the goofy laugh :) It was the most sincere descriptor compared to the tall guy, short guy and HOT guy.
I loved this story.

Jenny Lyn

And to think some people don't believe in love at first sight. Well, in your case it was love at first laugh, or maybe kiss.

As far as Creepy Tommy goes, somewhere Elvis Presley is cringing.


I completely thought you were going to end up with the short guy. No matter what I'm glad it wasn't the insane Elvis guy.

Lottie Lockwood

Great great story and I love the way you write but... nuttier than squirrel shit...what a freaking brilliant line...

Oh and I managed to follow along just fine without drinking heavily - I always try to avoid getting bladdered before lunch ;-)


"How we met" stories are the greatest... Thanks for sharing! Me? I couldn't stand my first husband when I met him- shoulda gone with that gut instinct!

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