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March 05, 2010


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Yo-yo Mama

Alright. I'll play along. What the hell, right?


Love this concept. I've been kicking around the idea of doing it myself, but just don't have the balls to actually follow through. Obviously you have bigger ones than I do. I'll be following along and enjoying the hilarity that is sure to ensue.

Miss Ash

You make me want to find a fake blog for myself. What was I thinking connecting my blog to my Facebook? And then sharing the link with my DAD?!?!

I'm as effing nuts as I look sometimes.


Ree? Is that you? ;)


I'll never tell.

The Internet

Dear Kit,

Internet here.

I've got your back. Let it all out, now. We'll all feel better.

The Mayor

Brilliant, let it all out so those of us too lazy to have more than 1 blog can live vicariously. Since we all made that newbie error of letting everyone IRL know we were writing a blog and they should read it.


oh yes brilliant! I'll be following you :)


I'm sold. Bring it on, Kit!

An Authentic Life

I just found you on Twitter.
Glad to make your *acquaintance*

I'm KT, you can find me over at where I spend WAY too much time.

And loving it!

Cheers - and happy weekend!


Just discovered you on Twitter today. Poked around your blog a bit, nodding and chuckling (OK, sometimes laughting out loud...). NOW I GET IT! Totally jealous of your anonymity, not to mention cajones that I can only aspire to. Looking forward to more!


Ew, that is totes my problem too. I started a blog and then told everyone about it. Put my full fucking name on it - pictures, etc. And then I wanted to talk about sex and work and say FUCK a lot and then I got worried. Then I pretty much quit that blog (but still pay the domain and damn godaddy fees) and I went back to my first blog on pop culture. Now, I talk about sex - well, kind of, and I'm getting my readers used to reading the word FUCK and I'm feeling better. Except, I'm still really worried because people know it's me although I've removed my pic and last name. Sheeet, how do I throw the car in reverse and go anonymous? Do I have to start a 4th blog? Good grief. Blogging is so stressful.

Valarie Weinhaus

Oh, what a grand and brilliant idea! Thanks, Kit!


I'm in!

Miss Annie V.

A day (or two years) late and a dollar short, but I've found you and you made me smile! Thank you! I'm actually so much a handful that even though so many friends/acquaintances/family members/etc.. have my blog address, they never actually visit, so I take great delight in being as obnoxious as I please! No FB anymore (my husband grounded me) and no Twitter (I can't figure the damn thing out) so I just bask in my glorious little cave and smile from ear to ear when I discover the fabulous blogs of strangers, such as yours. So yes. Thank you!

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