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May 03, 2012


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Growing up, I would babysit an autistic child not too far from me when their parents went out on date night. All in all, it was a pretty easy gig, because they'd only plan to head out right after bedtime . . . and the kid always stayed asleep (they needed someone in the house if/when the boy ever woke up -- but I only had to pull out the checklist to help him get back to sleep once or twice).

When we went home, though, they'd wake up the boy, pack him into the car seat, and we'd all drive to drop me off . . . it seemed ultra weird, but, I guess, one can't be too careful.


At your very last line, I almost fell off my chain laughing. Now that's perspective!


Yep, that's how it is in this house too. You can never be too careful. Sad isn't it? And yes it's true that getting a divorce would be cheaper than being sued.


It is sad that you have to take precautions and honestly I've never thought of this, but it totally makes sense, unfortunately.


Yeah, divorce is common, but criminal charges can make the news and that would really screw up your kid! Good thing you can see the humor in what is not really funny at all.


I have never heard of this. Growing up while yes the mother's always called me to babysit I was always driven home by the dads. And never ever thought anything of it. Nor did they try anything awkward. I can't believe I have to think of things like that. Sad. Its just sad.


It may be a pain, but better to be cautious in today's climate of promiscuous teens with way too much negative sex info at their fingertips and a law suit happy climate. Times have changed.

Good post.

Betty Boop

I'm late to this one, but it is indeed smart. I'll never forget having to deal with my then best friend accusing my dad of molesting her. It was completely and utterly false but there was lots of b.s. dealing with the accusations and my parents nearly lost custody of me when the courts were seriously considering this. It finally stopped being an issue when it was discovered her father was abusing her. It is sad but these things really do happen.

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