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April 11, 2012


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Oh I am so glad you were brought into my life. Thank you for the smile.


I find that too! On the days I make an effort to be fabulous and gracious to everyone on the street, I have a fabulous day.

For example- typical teenage child asked me for $1 for his bus fare, usually I ignore these people (most are scams!) but I gave him $2. On the bus home, I heard him praying, and thanking me. It made me happy.

Sarah M

Thank you for the blog and for sharing An Invocation for Beginnings - that blew my a$$ out of my chair. Just what I needed!


This is exactly what I needed this morning!


Ok, ok, time to pull myself out of this funk and get on with it. Thank you as always. Tomorrow I will smile at strangers just because :)


Well aren't you just a ray of f*cking sunshine? KIDDING! I love it and I love you.



That video was inspiring but strange. Lets go with strangely inspiring.


FILDI - just that phrase makes me want to get up and (eat cheese) get started!


Forever an inspiration :) I was about to give up on something (I am definitely tired!) but FILDI one more time! :)


Just as I was wondering how things were going to fall into place for my next semester at college (during which I will turn 33), I wondered if the choice to go back to school was really worth it. If the sleepless nights, exhaustion, and the work, oh the work, would all be worth finishing what I started 13 years ago. Apparently FILDI will get me through another semester, and another few after that. :)

A Facebook User

I love the idea that life is self-perpetuating. I mean, I have days where the whole world and happenstance seem stacked against me. But the rest of the time, if I can keep smiling, keep giving people the benefit of the doubt, it warms my heart and sometimes, theirs too. It makes my life more pleasant and less stressful!

Great video. It's this beautiful combination of self-love and self-grace, and getting up and finally starting things. I need to have that on every morning because it's packed with great reminders.

Love your blog! You make me laugh. :)


I need to smile at strangers more. I pretty much ignore everyone since they just gawk at my kid. @staycationmama

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